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Improve network quality and end-user experience efficiently and cost-effectively with Keysight’s Nemo wireless network measurement and analytics tools.


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Optimization & Benchmarking

Use the most efficient portable engineering tool for measuring and monitoring the air interface wireless networks. Nemo Outdoor, a laptop-based drive test tool, supports over 300 terminals and scanning receivers from various vendors. Its cost-effective, single software platform and modularity enables you to tailor the product according to your particular needs.

Nemo Outdoor’s powerful software platform works for all technologies and for different protocol and application testing options. Nemo Outdoor is the only portable measurement solution on the market that offers multiple simultaneous data connection.

Nemo Outdoor

Nemo Handy

Nemo Handy offers smart and discreet solution for the measurement and optimization of the wireless air interface and mobile application QoS/QoE. Advanced Nemo Handy features include automated testing, voice quality testing, and forcing features.

The handheld Nemo Handy performs measurements both outdoors and in busy and crowded indoor spaces while being simultaneously used as a regular mobile phone. Nemo Handy products provide you with the best real-time measurement visualization on the handheld market.

Expand your wireless measurement capability with Nemo Walker Air, a portable tool for indoor benchmarking and multi-technology measurements. Nemo Walker Air measuring system includes one master tablet and one to seven measuring units. The master unit has centralized control of the slave units, conducting synchronized measurements.

An optional, customized backpack offers a compact and lightweight carrying solution for the whole system. Nemo Walker Air backpack includes high-quality USB batteries, and can be used as a standalone system without an external power source.

Nemo Walker Air

Nemo Invex II

Nemo Invex II is an accurate, efficient, easy to use and application-rich benchmarking system for wireless networks. It combines  powerful, intuitive software and scalable, robust hardware to create a superior solution for benchmarking wireless networks and devices. Easy to deploy, Nemo Invex II provides critical quality-of-service (QoS) measurements and a wide variety of quality-of-experience (QoE) service testing.

Nemo Invex II sets the standard for reliable and accurate  measurements. Its enhanced power efficiency reduces the power usage per test device approximately by 50%. The innovative thermal design enables longer, uninterrupted and, therefore, more reliable measurements. With its easy to use features, Nemo Invex II offers the very latest measurement system technology.

Nemo FSR1

Nemo FSR1, a modular digital scanning receiver performs accurate high-speed RF measurements of wireless networks across multiple bands and technologies.

Nemo FSR1 supports measurements on GSM, WCDMA, CDMA, EVDO, TD-SCDMA and LTE FDD/TDD networks. Unique plug-in RF down converters make the scanner field-upgradeable, reducing service turnaround times. This offers higher productivity and lower total cost of ownership.

Monitoring & Autonomous Unattended Testing

Nemo Autonomous Probe

Nemo Autonomous Probe is an ideal solution for performing automated, unattended large-scale measurements. With Nemo Autonomous Probe, operators and national regulators can install measurement and benchmarking field units in fixed locations, in hotspots, or in vehicles to conduct continuous measurements of wireless networks. Nemo Autonomous Probe enables  unattended 24/7 measurements, which reduces the cost of testing.

Nemo Autonomous Probe 4UE houses up to four Android smartphones for measurement and benchmarking and supports all 3GPP technologies up to LTE Category 9. With its proven and reliable automation, Nemo Autonomous Probe 4UE provides you with a cost-effective, continuous stream of up-to-date measurement data from the real-life routes of your customers.

Nemo Cloud allows network operators to  remotely operate Nemo Autonomous Probe test units and check their  status.

Nemo Customer Experience Monitor

Easily and discreetly collect quality of experience data with Nemo Customer Experience Monitor, a powerful, flexible, and scalable set of tools for monitoring wireless network performance and services from the end-user point of view.

With the solution embedded on the customers’ smartphones, operators can guarantee a high quality of service, hence improving the quality of end-user  experience.

Analytics & Reporting

Rely on the powerful, scalable, and easy-to-use Nemo Xynergy, a web-based platform for analyzing drive test, operational support system (OSS), and subscriber data. Automate key tasks in the network management life cycle. The tool supports multiple, disparate data sources and vendors for all major technologies, including HSPA+, VoLTE, and LTE-A.

The platform is complemented by a state-of-the-art, fully userconfigurable business rules engine. This rules engine can drive in-depth rules, logic, and automation that allows Nemo Xynergy to rapidly pinpoint problems through correlated analysis across all available data sources and produce actionable alerts, reports, dashboards, and customized Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Nemo Xnergy

Nemo WindCatcher

Nemo WindCatcher is a user-friendly desktop-based drive test data post-processing tool used by design engineers, performance engineers, handset testing groups, and technology development

The vendor-neutral, multi-data Nemo WindCatcher software, with its out-of-the-box features, provides the most complete
solution data post-processing tool  available. With Nemo WindCatcher’s powerful data aggregation functionality, call trace data analysis, and detailed reporting, you can quickly identify and solve problems, maximizing overall roductivity and efficiency.

Perform benchmarking, automated  troubleshooting and statistical reporting based on drive test data with Nemo Analyze, a powerful and versatile, cutting-edge analysis tool.

For benchmarking, Nemo Analyze offers predetermined report templates that you can use to compare KPIs from different operators, technologies, and time frames. The system incorporates an innovative, low-maintenance database engine, designed and optimized specifically for high-performance post-processing of drive test data.

Nemo Analyze supports all major network technologies, including LTE-A, LTE, and HSPA+. Integrating Nemo Analyze with other Nemo tools provides a complete automated data processing chain from raw measurement data to a generated workbook.

Nemo Analyze